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Want a model for your girlfriend? These bonuses show you how to get her…

This just in: I was just now informed that brand new bonuses have just been added to the Girlfriend Activation System! Christian’s program has been insanely popular since it’s release at the beginning of the month and he has decided to add a STACK of bonuses to sweeten the deal even further….

It’s kind of weird that there would be more new bonuses, considering that the program already comes with much more material than your average PUA system (I’ve gotten some of these things that were damn skimpy and far more expensive).

And- if you read my Girlfriend Activation System review then you know I liked the program to begin with. The best damn girlfriend gettin’ sysytem I’ve ever seen! So, I’m not exactly sure why Christian is giving all of this away. It’s totally not necessary… (but pretty damn cool that he is throwing this stuff in free!) Here’s the info on the Girlfriend Activation System bonuses…

GFAS Bonus #1 – The Model Challenge Screen
As you know, Christian is one of the few dating gurus who actually dates mainly models and actresses, so this is something he has experience with (unlike 99% of BS gurus!) This bonus gives you a method to show models you know what ‘s up in under 30 seconds, so she sees you as an “insider.” Plus- exactly what to talk to her about so she let’s you past her “model bitch-shield.”

GFAS Bonus #2 – 7 Commandments of Dating 9s and 10s
Like with models, dating super hot, attractive girls presents unique challenges. For example, every other dude with game is going to be after her! This is intimidating for some guys who have never had to deal with tough competition, dealing with jealousy, having your fine ass girlfriend invited to events that you cannot attend etc… This bonus shows you how to handle all these things and keep your 9-10 girlfriend loving you alone. I must say that this was my favorite bonus and one of the best parts of the course for me personally because it relates to situations that I am dealing with, with my own girlfriend.

GFAS Bonus #3 – Rapport Done Right
Q: What’s the biggest thing that messes guys up with women? A: Talking to them… The main Girlfriend Activation System gives a ton of info on what to talk about with girls, how to talk, etc… But this bonus takes it further as far as developing conversation skills, structure, and making the whole thing natural and a reflection of who you are.

GFAS Bonus – #4 – Complete Confidence Hypnosis
This is a 500 dollar full course on becoming completely confident. I probably shouldn’t go into too much detail about this one because it’s kind of a surprise, but… Okay it’s the f-ing BOMB! This used to be my main problem and I have been through many courses on this topic, so I know a thing or two about this.

More bonuses?
Yes, there are, but I need to keep quiet about them… My Thoughts On The GFAS Bonuses: I think Christian is going to be putting a lot of other dating gurus out of business 😉 This bonus stack, plus the core system is just way beyond what anybody else has ever offered in a girlfriend getting course. His stuff is too good. If you haven’t got this yet here is the link to get the whole thing: GFAS Program PLUS All Bonuses

BTW- There’s no doubt in my mind that the price will be raised on this, I don’t think I mentioned the price on here yet… But get it for less if you can, that link goes to the current lowest price…

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