My Girlfriend Activation System Review – Legit???

UPDATED 1.3.2018

Alright it’s here, the moment we’ve all been waiting for as I reveal my review of the brand spankin’ new Girlfriend Activation System. This program has guys all over the internet talking, but what is the story for reelz? I wanted to weigh in and share an unbiased review of the program with you from somebody who is not a PUA fanboy.

I will begin my giving you an overview of the program and what you get, then talk about the pros and cons of this program and finish up with my personal opinion as a guy who has tested Christian’s methods personally.

This is a review of the program, click here for the Girlfriend Activation System Website

Basic Information About The Girlfriend Activation System…

This program is being billed as a step-by-step, proven, girlfriend getting system that is guaranteed to get you a girlfriend. So that sounds promising, but I will be taking a look at whether this program actually delivers on those promises in a minute.

First, I want to look at what this program intends to do for you and what problems it can purportedly solve…

Obviously, this is a program about how to get a girlfriend, that much should be obvious just from the title, but there are a few things that make this program stand out from other PUA programs and books that have been released on the topic. One of the main differences is that The Girlfriend Activation System promises to reveal women’s deep dark desires so that you can understand what they really want. After all, if you ask most women this question they will offer you questions of no substance what so ever!

Christian has discovered what he calls a woman’s “obsession story” that has been hardwired into her brain from birth. This is what should ultimately desires in her so called “reptile brain” which totally overrides whatever she may think that she wants with her logically, social brain (y’know stuff like looks, money, “a guy who can make me laugh”…)

The program gives you what Christian refers to as a “Playbook” that mirrors this obsession story and tells you what you need to do at every step from getting the number, to texting, kissing, sleeping with her, to getting in a relationship.

The program itself includes a series of video modules where Christian walks you through all of the steps. You also get a free month of the Ten Code blueprint that teaches you how to be a ten. You may scoff at the idea of being a “ten” if you are not a great looking guy and never thought of yourself that way before, but this has more to do with confidence and charisma than it does about material things. I’ll talk about this more in the pros and cons.

You also get more surprise bonuses, which I should not mention as they are surprises -LOL, and like with there other programs you get a 365 day guarantee with this, which I think says a lot, I mean 365 days, who does that?

And you also get lifetime access to the private members community where you can connect with Christian personally as well as his other coaches and devotees.

PROs AND Cons a.k.a. is this legit?

Pro #1) You don’t need looks, money or to be a pick up artist

I recently read a book by another PUA who shall remain nameless, and his whole game was based around the fact that he looks like a movie star and does very direct pick ups. he is successful, but I don’t think his methods would work for too many guys. The Girlfriend Activation System on the other hand (Henceforth known as GFAS) doesn’t rely on these things.

As Christian points out, he used to be financially successful, and is pretty decent looking, but still stunk with women! It wasn’t until he learned mad PUA skills on top of that, that he really started getting some action. But even then he was unhappy because he was just pulling late night bar chicks. So it’s like you need to get looks, money and PUA skills, and even then you might not be happy with what you get. With GFAS you side step all of that and just give women exactly what they desire, and the methods for this are pretty self-explanatory inside the program, lots of examples from Christian’s life too.)

Pro #2) Actionable 

Probably the best thing about this program to me is that it has a plan for you all laid out and it has specific non complicated things that you can do in every situation so that you don’t need to worry that you are doing the wrong thing. There are way to many of these things to list, but most of them are new actions you can take that you probably have never thought of. The stuff about how to go out and have girl approaching you for example is totally new to me and probably some of the most valuable information on women I’ve gotten in quite a while.

Pro #2) You can use it on MANY women…

When I first heard about this program I wan’t sure it was going to be for me because I’m not really looking for a girlfriend. But, the cool thing is that you can use this material to date as many women as you want so that you can have all the women that you want, and total choice as far as who you might want to pick for your girlfriend.

But that said, there is a lot more in this program than in a pick up guide that just teaches you how to approach and get numbers. It covers the whole process all the way into getting her to be totally committed and fixated on you. Which is an area their is not much good information on.

Con #1) It might seem sneaky and underhanded

Some guys I know think the idea of “hacking into a woman’s mind” sounds wrong, manipulative, sneaky, etc… So if you aren’t into the kind of thing you might get offended here because this will give you some crazy mixed up insights on how a woman thinks, especially about sexual matters. Personally i don’t think it is wrong at all because women do the exact same thing on a much grander level (ever look at Cosmo magazine – crazy tips on how she can manipulate you!) but this is just a matter of personal preference.

Con #2) Not a cure-all

If you go to the website you will hear success stories from several guys who got laid a couple days after they started using this stuff. Some of them with multiple girls the same week and so on. I am not discounting this, but if you are horrible with women then i wouldn’t count on this changing everything overnight and get you women like Christians cover model girlfriends.

My Opinion of The GFAS…

So it’s not a “magic bullet” and it may be a bit sneaky… But that said this is the best thing Christian has ever made. And, at this point he is one out of maybe 3-4 guys whose dating advice I even want to hear.

I think this program would benefit any guy out there who wants to do better with women. After all if you can’t learn something from a guy with fashion model and movie star girlfriends, who can you learn from?

and the 365 day guarantee makes it a no brainer to check it out. So yes, I am heartily recommending the Girlfriend Activation System.


PS. Christian’s programs do sell out fast so if you are interested in this I’d scoop it up now!

The Girlfriend Activation System

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Girlfriend Activation System Bonus

naughty girlfriends
Want a model for your girlfriend? These bonuses show you how to get her…

This just in: I was just now informed that brand new bonuses have just been added to the Girlfriend Activation System! Christian’s program has been insanely popular since it’s release at the beginning of the month and he has decided to add a STACK of bonuses to sweeten the deal even further….

It’s kind of weird that there would be more new bonuses, considering that the program already comes with much more material than your average PUA system (I’ve gotten some of these things that were damn skimpy and far more expensive).

And- if you read my Girlfriend Activation System review then you know I liked the program to begin with. The best damn girlfriend gettin’ sysytem I’ve ever seen! So, I’m not exactly sure why Christian is giving all of this away. It’s totally not necessary… (but pretty damn cool that he is throwing this stuff in free!) Here’s the info on the Girlfriend Activation System bonuses…

GFAS Bonus #1 – The Model Challenge Screen
As you know, Christian is one of the few dating gurus who actually dates mainly models and actresses, so this is something he has experience with (unlike 99% of BS gurus!) This bonus gives you a method to show models you know what ‘s up in under 30 seconds, so she sees you as an “insider.” Plus- exactly what to talk to her about so she let’s you past her “model bitch-shield.”

GFAS Bonus #2 – 7 Commandments of Dating 9s and 10s
Like with models, dating super hot, attractive girls presents unique challenges. For example, every other dude with game is going to be after her! This is intimidating for some guys who have never had to deal with tough competition, dealing with jealousy, having your fine ass girlfriend invited to events that you cannot attend etc… This bonus shows you how to handle all these things and keep your 9-10 girlfriend loving you alone. I must say that this was my favorite bonus and one of the best parts of the course for me personally because it relates to situations that I am dealing with, with my own girlfriend.

GFAS Bonus #3 – Rapport Done Right
Q: What’s the biggest thing that messes guys up with women? A: Talking to them… The main Girlfriend Activation System gives a ton of info on what to talk about with girls, how to talk, etc… But this bonus takes it further as far as developing conversation skills, structure, and making the whole thing natural and a reflection of who you are.

GFAS Bonus – #4 – Complete Confidence Hypnosis
This is a 500 dollar full course on becoming completely confident. I probably shouldn’t go into too much detail about this one because it’s kind of a surprise, but… Okay it’s the f-ing BOMB! This used to be my main problem and I have been through many courses on this topic, so I know a thing or two about this.

More bonuses?
Yes, there are, but I need to keep quiet about them… My Thoughts On The GFAS Bonuses: I think Christian is going to be putting a lot of other dating gurus out of business ­čśë This bonus stack, plus the core system is just way beyond what anybody else has ever offered in a girlfriend getting course. His stuff is too good. If you haven’t got this yet here is the link to get the whole thing: GFAS Program PLUS All Bonuses

BTW- There’s no doubt in my mind that the price will be raised on this, I don’t think I mentioned the price on here yet… But get it for less if you can, that link goes to the current lowest price…

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My Thoughts On How To Turn A Female Friend Into A Girlfriend

In today’s post I wanted to talk about something that a lot of guys wonder about, how you can take a girl who sees you as “just a friend” and turn her into your loyal, loving girlfriend. This is a situation that I used to get into myself quite often when I was younger, and I was very frustrated about it because I wanted to make my “friend” see me as something more, but I was scared to make a move on her because I was afraid that she’d be like, “What the HELL are you doing?!” and that she’d get mad at me and that it would spoil my chances with her forever.

It got to the point where I was always planning to make my move the next time I saw her, and then when I did see her I’d chicken out and tell myself, “Now’s not a good time, I’ll make my move next time, or on Friday or whatever…” It was a vicious cycle that seemed like it would never end. The worst part was that after a while the girl would always start dating or hooking up with some other dude, and then of course she’d TELL ME all about it, cuz after all we were just “friends” right? And friends tell each other about the people that they are dating and so forth. Man, there is just about nothing worse than having the girl you like tell you about how great some other guy is, how excited she is about him and all that mushy stuff. A lot of times I would actually feel like she was trying to make me jealous or to hurt my feelings. I mean she MUST have known that I saw her as more than “just a friend”, right?

Anyhow, this is a situation that I kept falling into with girl after girl that I met. And it got to the point where I was just sick over what was happening so I decided to try to look at the situation from and objective angle so as to see what was really going on here. Why was I doing this to myself? Why was I self sabotaging myself like this? Did I actually WANT to fail or to be unhappy on some deep subconscious level?

Well, it wasn’t hard to see what I was doing wrong. Basically I was just treating all of these girls that I was meeting in a very nice and platonic way, and never introducing any sort of sexual tension or anything like that. And, as a result every woman I met saw me as just another nice yet boring guy, rather than as a dynamic sexy man who she could possibly date. And, not only did I fail to show anything remotely resembling romantic interest in the beginning when I first met a girl, but I basically just acted like a boring platonic friend to her at all times. I NEVER did anything to make her think that I was interested! How stupid is that?

Once I figured this out I started looking around at other people and seeing what kinds of dating mistakes they were making, and I realized that this is a very common problem for a lot of guys. I think that the real problem is that most of us were never shown the proper way to flirt or show interest in a woman, so we just do nothing and expect her to make some kind of romantic move on us! If you think about it, that is really a ridiculous thing because it goes against a woman’s feminine role. Women don’t like it when men expect them to take the male role in a relationship, and they see that as a real turn off. As men, it is our duty to take the initiative and move things forward romantically with the women that we are interested in. Sure, there is always the chance that she won’t be welcoming to your advances, but this is a risk that we as men must take.

That said, when you learn how to relate to women the right way, as a man, the chance that you will be rejected gets smaller and smaller. Christian’s Girlfriend Activation System is the best resource I have found to learn how to relate to women if you want to get them really into you by using something cool he discovered called her “obsession story”. You can read more about the program in this full review I wrote.

Okay, so far I’ve been talking about how it’s important to express your interest in a woman rather than being her platonic friend, and hoping that she’ll be the one to make the first move, but what should you do if you are ALREADY friends with a girl, and you want to transition into being something more? Well, my first tip would be that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket! While that one girl you are platonically friends with may SEEM like the perfect girl for you, you are a lot better off playing the field a bit and dating a few different women. Not only will this give you more experience, but it will also make you more attractive to that female friend of your that you are crushing on, because it will get her to see you as a “man about town” who has a lot of dating options and guys like that are much more attractive to women than just some dork who is always available to hang out and do “friends” stuff with her.

So definitely date around. Then, it’s also important to start showing your muchacha that you are interested in getting at her in a more physical/romantic sense, rather than just palling around like some harmless asexual buddy or something. There are many ways to do this and I can’t get into all of them here, but definitely start touching her more, giving her more sensual eye contact, and complimenting her on her appearance, teasing her etc… Just be warned that the first time that you start making a move on her, she will probably respond in a way that is not exactly to your liking. She may feel that you were being deceitful in a sense because you have been hanging out with her under the premise that you are just interested in being her friend, when in fat this who time you have just been waiting for a chance to make a romantic move. However, even if she responds badly at first, just remember you still have plenty of time to turn things around now that your feelings are out in the open. Just listen to what Christian has to say in his program, I think you will find it very enlightening!

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Girlfriend Activation System – Be The Obvious Choice

When a man reaches a certain age, ┬áhe may grow tired of tirelessly hopping from one woman’s bed to the next and may feel that it is time for him to get serious and settle down with one woman. Other men spend years alone wishing that they had just one woman who could hold them and offer them some female attention, but they never seems to be able to form a connection with a woman that goes beyond a platonic level.

The reasons some men do better with women than others is a topic that has been debated for years. Back in the early days of mankind it was the men who were able to hunt effectively and bring home the most fresh meat for the tribe that got all of the women and all of the respect. However, over the last few hundred years there has been a shift, and simply being the strongest and most able to provide are no longer the only factors at play.

So how does one succeed with women in this day and age? Do we need a Girlfriend Activation System? What are the new factors that determine whether or not a man will be able to get the girlfriend that he wants? These are important questions that one must consider if you want to have an advantage in the modern dating world. Yet few men take the time to really examine the real reasons that a woman chooses one man over another. (more…)

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