Girlfriend Activation System – Be The Obvious Choice

When a man reaches a certain age,  he may grow tired of tirelessly hopping from one woman’s bed to the next and may feel that it is time for him to get serious and settle down with one woman. Other men spend years alone wishing that they had just one woman who could hold them and offer them some female attention, but they never seems to be able to form a connection with a woman that goes beyond a platonic level.

The reasons some men do better with women than others is a topic that has been debated for years. Back in the early days of mankind it was the men who were able to hunt effectively and bring home the most fresh meat for the tribe that got all of the women and all of the respect. However, over the last few hundred years there has been a shift, and simply being the strongest and most able to provide are no longer the only factors at play.

So how does one succeed with women in this day and age? Do we need a Girlfriend Activation System? What are the new factors that determine whether or not a man will be able to get the girlfriend that he wants? These are important questions that one must consider if you want to have an advantage in the modern dating world. Yet few men take the time to really examine the real reasons that a woman chooses one man over another.

Here’s a video that shares some ideas of what a woman wants in a boyfriend, from a young woman’s perspective – not so sure I agree with this:

In my research on this topic I have discovered that there are a few basic truths that determine whether a woman sees you as the obvious choice for a mate or whether she decides that perhaps you are not worth her time.

First, there is the matter of your social standing in the pecking order. This dates back to those early days that I mentioned when man lived on the African plains and had to hunt and gather as a means of survival. Although much has changed since those days in terms of technological advancement, there are still echos from the past that strongly effect human behavior. Just like back then, women are attracted to men who are able to provide for them. the difference is that now a man’s ability to provide has more to do with social factors than it has to do with his physical strength. Certainly there are many men with giant muscles who are living out on the street because they lack the social skills to make it in today’s society. Wealth is still a factor, but these days fortunes can be won and lost quickly, so a man’s value is determined more any more by his social skills, and his inherent nature than my the size of his wallet on any given day.

Another major influencer here is the matter of how a man looks after himself. If he is slovenly, out of shape and in poor condition he hardly stands a chance to get even the beastliest of girlfriends. Not only is the sight and smell of an unkempt man distasteful in and of itself, but it also is an indicator that the man in question doesn’t think highly of himself and will therefore probably never amount to much. This Psychology Today article has some interesting findings on this subject.

Finally a guy’s ability to converse with a woman is yet another very important element in his ability to attract her and make her his girlfriend. If a man has nothing much to say to a woman or speaks in a way that makes her feel bored or uncomfortable then there is no reason why she should want to stay in his company. Here’s a NY Times editorial that talks about expressing emotions and how this relates to attraction between the genders.

So to be the obvious choice for a woman a guy needs to make sure that he has a high enough level of social status, that he is presentable, and that he knows how to talk in a way that will hold her attention and make her feel the emotions of attraction. Or I should say these are the prerequisites.

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